Ignition Systems and Accessories

In 1966, Altronic introduced solid-state, capacitor discharge industrial ignition systems to address an industry need for extended, trouble-free operation. Altronic's engineering approach incorporated a permanent magnet alternator to replace magneto power, solid-state electronics to replace mechanical components, and modular design for ease of maintenance. In a few short years, these systems superseded the previous generation of ignition magnetos.

In the 1980s, Altronic introduced the digital circuit-based CPU ignition systems which brought the accuracy of crankshaft-referenced firing and electronic timing control to industrial ignition systems. Further advancements in system diagnostics and extended spark characteristics have kept Altronic ignition products at the forefront of ignition technology through the EVS Varispark series products to the latest NGI new generation systems.

Altronic also offers a full line of ignition accessories including 24 Vdc power packages, magnetic pick-ups, EZ Rail modular engine wiring systems, junction boxes, a wide variety of wiring harnesses and high voltage leads, and a full line of unshielded, shielded, flange and integral ignition coils.