who we are

50+ Years of High-Value Service

From the frozen ice fields of Alaska to Middle Eastern deserts, gas engine OEMs and operators around the world consistently turn to our ignition systems, fuel controls, and instrumentation for their critical, high performance needs.

Our Vision

We strive to continue to provide innovative engineering solutions that exceed expectations while meeting the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

To create innovative engineering solutions for natural gas-fueled engines and manufacture high quality, high value, and reliable products that are delivered on time.

Our History

Altronic Through The Years

What We Do Best

Made in the USA

Altronic has full vertical integration of engineering, production, and support. Nothing is left to chance at our facilities in Girard, Ohio.

Innovative Designs Built to Last

Our engineers create innovative products that are built to the highest standards.

Our Team Members

David Lepley

President and Chief Technical Officer

David Bell

Senior Vice President,
Aftermarket Sales

Keith Brooks

Senior Vice President,
OEM Sales
David Bulkley, Jr

Director of Production

Debra Neiferd

Director of Human Resources

Katie Fleming

Director of Purchasing

David Hutch

Director of Finance

Matthew Traina

Director of Engineering

Company Values

Commitment to the industry and customers

Focus on innovation

Premium product quality and value

Unmatched global support

Long-term product access

Employee and leadership retention

Multi-decade OEM and distributor partnerships


Specific expertise on both product and its applications