Our Commitment

Altronic is committed as good corporate citizens, as stewards of the global environment that we all share, to the health and safety of
our employees, and to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Altronic’s commitment to these basic values has served us well over the decades that we have been a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality products for our global distribution and customer base.

In addition to designing products that serve to control and reduce the stack emissions from industrial spark-ignited gas and diesel engines, we make ongoing investments in our production facility and manufacturing processes to reduce environmental waste, reduce resource consumption, and improve the working environment for our employees.”

David T. Lepley, Altronic President

As the world moves towards the development of renewable energy, and works to reduce its dependence on hydrocarbon-based fuel, we are confident that clean-burning natural gas engines will remain an important part in basic reliable and cheap power generation, will serve as the required backbone of renewable power generation backup, and will serve an important role in the ever-growing world demand for power and energy.

One of the key foundational building blocks to a cleaner global environment is the global spread of prosperity. Increasing prosperity leads to an ever-increasing demand for energy, and
also the ability to ensure that this increasing need can be filled
by cleaner energy sources.

Safety, Health
and Environment

Altronic is fully committed to the protection of the environment through prevention of pollution, compliance of obligations and continuously improving our operations to minimize the effect on the natural world.

Since 2010, the Altronic facility is certified to ISO 14001:2015, the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. It serves to improve environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, better serving our community, customers, and employees.


Environmental-Related Products

Included in the vast portfolio of industrial engine products designed and manufactured by Altronic are several product lines designed to contribute to and enable the control of emissions of stationary industrial internal combustion engines in use throughout the world.

Electronic Ignition Systems

Working in concert with the design of the engine combustion chamber, the ignition system creates high voltage on the anode side of the spark plug gap. When the voltage differential becomes sufficient to create a conductive path of ions within the gap, a current rush flows from anode to cathode, resulting in a spark.

Under the right conditions, this spark results in the creation of many small flame kernels in the air/fuel mixture located within, or which is passing through, the gap. In cases where these infant flame kernels combine and grow properly, a flame front is created that sweeps across the combustion chamber, resulting in a successful power cycle for that cylinder of the engine. Once a sufficient number of these flame kernels are created, the ignition system makes no further contribution to the combustion cycle. In this manner, the ignition system is not in control of stack emissions, but is rather an enabler of the engine and fuel control’s ability to minimize the emissions that result. The ignition design contributes to the successful power cycle by proper design and application to the combustion chamber design, spark plug, fuel mixture quality. So, from the standpoint of the contribution of the ignition system, a successful ignition cycle does not ensure proper emissions, but a failure to light off the fuel charge will result in unburnt hydrocarbons going up the stack. Altronic’s decades of design and application experience has resulted in a product array of basic and advance ignition technology designed for use on modern internal combustion engines that are designed to ensure emissions levels that meet stringent state and federal regulations.

Air/Fuel Ratio Control

Whether the engine and fuel control are designed as stoichiometric (match of air and fuel required for complete combustion), or lean burn (excess oxygen achieved through high turbo boost and increased compression ratio), the proper control of air and and fuel is critical.

Failure to achieve and maintain this control under design and transient conditions, will result in elevated emissions and combustion instability. A wide array of systems work as stand-alone air/ fuel control systems, or operate in concert with the engine controller.

Engine Controls

In modern stationary internal combustion engines, reliance on advanced electronic engine controls is a given. In this sense, they are the “brains” of the engine. These systems offer start/stop, speed, air/fuel ratio, and ignition control, along with monitoring and safety shutdown protection, advanced diagnostics, data logging, data telematics, and communications.

In addition to providing reliable engine operation, the controls ensure that the engine can meet and maintain its emissions certification.

GTI Bi-Fuels

The Altronic GTI Bi-Fuel product line allows for the fumigation of natural gas into stationary diesel engines, thereby substituting cleaner-burning natural gas for a percentage of the diesel fuel. This technology offers advantages in terms of cost savings and extended run time of the diesel fuel tanks. In 2014, the GTI Bi-Fuel system became the first of its kind to achieve certification with the California Air Resources Board.

Under the governance of this executive order, the diesel engine retains its emissions rating under dual fuel operation and its related benefits. While not marketed or certified as an emissions reduction technology, the GTI Bi-Fuel system combined oxidation catalyst after treatment can result in reductions of oxides of nitrogen, particulates, and reactive non-methane hydrocarbons.

ISO Certifications

ISO 14001
ISO 9001

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