Ignition Systems (21)
Controls (16)
Instrumentation (26)
GTI BiFuel (2)
  • DPYH-4390U

    Digital Multi-Point Temperature Monitors

  • DPYH-1300U

    Digital Temperature Setpoint Gauges

  • DPY-4118U-A

    Digital Temperature Gauge, Battery Powered

  • LLS

    Liquid Level Switch

  • PMM

    Power Management Module

  • ELED-350

    Control Panel Lighting System

  • MOD+ / MTB

    Interface Module to PLC monitoring systems

  • GOV+

    Speed Control Monitor for PLC+ panels

  • SPEED+

    Speed Sensing Monitor for PLC+ panels

  • DET+ / DET+(LV)

    Detonation Sensing Monitor for PLC+ panels

  • VSM+

    Vibration Sensing Monitor for PLC+ panels

  • CM1

    Catalyst Monitor and Data Logger

  • FM50

    Fuel Meter/Totalizer

  • GTI BiFuel

  • GTI+

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Altronic products are created from concept to final product in our USA-based facilities in Girard, Ohio.

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We have unmatched global services and spare parts support.

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  • Ignition Fundamentals & Troubleshooting (session A)

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  • CPU-2000 – Advanced Digital Ignition System for large gas engines

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  • Basic Electrical Principles and Panel School – Section 1: Fundamentals

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