• Dual Light Sources: White light (max 300 lm) for daily use and red light  (max 4 lm) for night vision. The beacon mode in white light and the red strobe mode ensure that users stay visible in critical moments.
  • Small & Versatile to Carry: Lightweight and compact light with a versatile clip enables users to clip, hang, or magnetically attach the light to metal objects. (Only 1.91in in length and 1.06oz in weight including battery)
  • Versatile Ways to Use: Oclip is a handy tool for outdoor or indoor use, maintenance, cycling, reading, safety warnings, etc, providing the perfect lighting solution for all your needs.
  • Durable Clip: The durable clip has passed 10,000 cyclic tests and can clamp objects up to 14mm thick. Say goodbye to metal fatigue and deformation of traditional back clips.


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