The Altronic DE/ACM-4000 and ACI’s embedded eRCM® system come together in delivering incremental new value to gas compressor operators worldwide.

Girard/Cambridge, Ohio, June 21, 2024. Girard, Ohio-based Altronic, LLC and ACI Services, Inc. of
Cambridge, Ohio have announced a strategic partnership today. This collaboration enables users of
Altronic’s DE-4000/ACM-4000 gas compressor control package to integrate ACI’s top-tier eRCM®
Compressor Monitoring and Safety Solution into their control systems without the need for additional

This partnership brings together two Ohio-based companies with a strong commitment to gas compressor
optimization and controls. Altronic, a HOERBIGER Company, has a sixty-year history of focusing on the
design and manufacture of innovative and reliable ignition, instrumentation, and control solutions for missioncritical
assets in the energy and industrial sectors. ACI Services is at the forefront of the industry in providing
custom-engineered solutions for reciprocating compressors, including advanced performance modeling,
detailed hardware manufacturing, and premium service.

“Delivering the eRCM® solution as a part of the DE/ACM-4000 system without the additional cost and
complexity of additional control panel hardware offers unique value to our users”, said David Lepley,
president of Altronic. Lepley went on to say that “bringing together these two world-class solutions into a
single, integrated and accessible package offers assured safe and efficient service on the compression
packages so essential to field operations”. Chad Brahler, ACI’s president, remarked that “ACI and Altronic
share the same vision that the integration of these two premium technologies will bring a new level of
advanced monitoring and control to gas compressors across ranges of any asset size and any complexity”.
Altronic control panels equipped with the eRCM® are set for delivery in Q3 2024.