Author: Gregg Grubbs – Application Engineering Manager

Two weeks ago, Altronic received notification from Red Lion that certain software versions supporting its products were affected by a software bug experienced due to an overflow condition on a register used for storing date/time information.

In the interest of ensuring the trouble-free use of our products, we feel it important to inform you that we have a few applications that may be impacted due to their use of Red Lion Crimson software. Those products are the EPC-250, ECMD-102, DE-3000 +, and custom panels equipped with Red Lion HMIs including the Altronic-branded Midas HMI. Red Lion recently released technical guidance that recommends that you go to the Red Lion website and download the new build of Crimson 3.2 and load it to the affected products. Also attached with this guidance you will find the most recent Red Lion update that explains the issue in more detail.

Follow this Link to read the notice issued by Redlion.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions concerning this issue.

Best Regards,

Gregg Grubbs