Altronic is proud to announce the release and availability of the full NGI-5000 Advanced Ignition System for large gas engines.  This innovative ignition solution delivers display, combustion control, spark demand indication, and system integration performance well-beyond existing systems in the field.  Please reach out to your local Altronic Distributor for details on an exciting, limited-time introductory program that offers large engine operators a unique and cost-effective means of quickly upgrading their engines with this new package.

  • State-of-the-art ignition solution designed and built for large gas engines
  • Patented technology to support performance, combustion stability, diagnostics, and system access
  • Unique, dual seven (7) inch 1080P, user-configurable, HD displays for system monitoring and control
  • Incorporates the revolutionary Altronic Web Interface (AWI) for easy customization of displays
  • Simple system configuration and integration with other control systems
  • Designed and built for simple, long-term support
  • Certified* for use in Class I, Division 2, Group C and D hazardous operating areas


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